Jun 12


Despite earlier promises, majority of smartphone and tablet manufacturers still roll out devices with locked bootloaders forcing owners to Jailbreak Android 2.3.6.

Indeed, device owners argue that since they paid for their devices in the first place, they have every right to have full control over the device and the only way they can achieve that is to jailbreak Android 2.3.6.

Also called rooting, the process gives the owner of the smartphone or tablet privileged access (often called superuser access) to the device. Gaining superuser access to the device gives the owner more control over how his device performs and this has numerous benefits, the most significant of which are listed below.

Top 3 Reasons To Jailbreak Android 2.3.6

  1. More apps. Just like with Apple devices, most applications that prove to be very useful to the smartphone and tablet owners can only be downloaded and installed if they have superuser access to the device.
  2. Full control over hardware. What most smartphone and tablet owners are not aware of is that the factory settings on their devices don’t take full advantage of the speed of the CPU. With new devices coming out with dual core processors, an owner with superuser access can then tweak the device settings to make good and full use of both CPUs.
  3. Enable features. This may sound odd but some smartphones and tablets have some features that can’t be accessed with carrier and manufacturer limitations in place. An HTC smartphone for instance have a flashlight feature than can only be enabled with superuser access.

Compared to Apple devices, it is relatively simple and easy to jailbreak Android 2.3.6. The risks associated with the process are also minimal.

Those who are planning to jailbreak Android 2.3.6 for the first time though should keep in mind that the risks, can also prove to be problematic. Some issues that can arise when one tries to jailbreak Android 2.3.6 include damaged software and compromised phone functions.

The risks however can be further minimized by acquiring the help of expert developers who are plying their services and softwares on websites. For a reasonable price, their services include a lifetime use of the software tool, an easy to follow guide on how to use the software, a 24 hour technical support and money back guarantees.

For more information on the benefits of removing restrictions on devices, visit: Jailbreak Software

As long as smartphone and tablet manufacturers choose to impose restrictions and dictate how the end user should use his device, the user is also well within his rights to jailbreak Android 2.3.6.

To remove the restrictions on your device now, visit: How To Jailbreak Android 2.3.6.