Jun 12


Jailbreak Android 2.3.3 is the latest craze of tech savvy’s because they want to explore the inside world of iOS. Everyone loves to enjoy maximum benefits of their smartphone and to acquire complete ownership to make use of the restricted apps as well.

Manufacturers imposed few limitations on their devices but, it is not a scary thing anymore because breaking with Gingerbreak and SOC (Super-One-Click) made everything possible within few clicks. Here is the detailed procedure.

Stepwise Procedure For Jailbreak Android 2.3.3 With GingerBreak

  • Download the APK file of Gingerbreak. Extract the zipped file and put the folder on the desktop.
  • Connect your device to your system (computer/laptop) through USB cable and post the SD as the flash drive.
  • Copy “Gingerbreak.apk” to the SD card.
  • Download the file manager.
  • After getting file manager unplug your device from the system and run the downloaded file manager.
  • Follow all the onscreen instruction and install the APK file which is copied to the SD card.
  • As the APK installation is completed it will automatically execute system write/read/remounting and will break your device and install the SU.

Stepwise Procedure For Jailbreak Android 2.3.3 With Super-One-Click

  • Download latest version of Super-One-Click, extract it and run it on your system
  • Now, go to “settings” in your device then “application” and go to “development” and check ON USB debugging.
  • Connect your device with computer via data cable.
  • Now hit “root” in SOC window.
  • If the window shows “waiting for device” then land on settings- application- development and check ON the USB debugging
  • You will see innumerable lines processing on your screen and your device will be cracked successfully.

Gingerbreak and the Super-One-Click are developed by expert crew and it works quite professionally and securely. These are the easiest and simplest methods to crack your devices.

Days are gone when people have to contact the tech experts to break their devices and it was quite expensive as well. But, today it is just a matter of few minutes and can be done without even having technical skills and expertise. Thanks to cracking program for making everything easy and accessible.

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Jailbreak android 2.3.3 is possible for every device and for everyone. Gingerbreak and Super-One-Click are the secured and painless ways to break out your devices and customize it the way you want it to be.

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