Jun 12


There are many cool reasons why you should Jailbreak Android 2.2.2. First, you will get to download all the apps that are not offered in the default setting of your device. Second, the limitless benefits that you can get will offer you many ways of entertaining yourself and completing multiple tasks conveniently.

This process of rooting your device is very easy and it only involves a couple of “do it yourself” steps:

a. Prepare What You Need

The things that you will need aside from your phone are your PC and your USB connector. Also, you should download the software for this. There are many softwares out there for rooting your device, one of them is the Gingerbreak App.

b. Connect Phone To PC

The next thing you should do is to connect your Phone to your PC using the USB cable that you prepared earlier.

c. Transfer Downloaded App To Phone

From your PC, copy and paste the program to a folder in your mobile phone.

d. Check Debugging

After transferring the program, check if the debugging options are on.

e. Run The App

Make sure that you have installed  the app in your phone, then click it in order to run.

f. Let The Automated Process Work

Choose Root Device if it pops up. Then let the automated process of rooting your phone take its course. This will take approximately 1 to 2 minutes. No matter what happens, do not interfere with the process so that you will not risk your device to errors. Then you might notice that it will reboot after that. Do not panic because it only means that the rooting process has been completed successfully.

If It Doesn’t Work

If these jailbreak Android 2.2.2 steps don’t work for you, no need to worry. We have the best software to fix it. But why go through of those hardships that don’t offer certainty for your device when you can get a software that will do it conveniently for you?

To get a convenient and reliable software for setting your device free from its limits, visit: Jailbreak Software

The process to jailbreak Android 2.2.2 is easy, just prepare your phone, pc, USB cable and download the rooting software. Then connect your phone to your PC, transfer the file and make sure that its debugging option is on. Last, run the app and let the automated process run its course.

For more details about rooting your device, visit: How To Jailbreak Android 2.2.2