Jun 12


With so many apps available, you can easily jailbreak Android 2.2 without hiring a technical savvy person. It is not mandatory to root your device. It is only needed if you want to use an app that requires root access. Although this process can unlock your phone’s potential, it comes with a threat.

Here are some warnings you need to heed before proceeding to the process:

  • Voids warranty. Rooting your mobile device can cancel out your phone’s warranty. Thankfully, the overall process does not necessarily damage your phone’s hardware. Hence, you can easily unroot it so the manufacturer will not be able to tell if it has been rooted.
  • Not safe. Some applications may interfere with your phone’s security feature. For instance, if you are using an application that stores your financial information, other applications can access your PIN to that app. Therefore, if you are using this type of app for NFC payments, you may want to think again before you jailbreak Android 2.2.
  • Make the device useless. The overall process is very safe. But then again, there are dangers that can go along with it. This is especially true if you are trying to root a device not supported by a tool. As a result, it breaks the device making it useless. Therefore, it is a must that you perform a thorough research before you choose an app that can jailbreak android 2.2. You should only use an app that has received excellent ratings from its actual users.

Before you start rooting your mobile device, you must pay attention to these things first:

  • Download necessary applications or updates on your computer before continuing. You may need to download JAVA JDK.
  • Enable USB debugging. On your device, go to “Settings,” choose “Applications,” click on “Development” and enable the “USB debugging” check box.
  • Connect your mobile device to your computer through USB cable.
  • Install USB drivers for your phone on your computer.
  • Launch the jailbreak Android 2.2 software.
  • Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Enjoy your rooted device.

Make Rooting A Lot Easier

If you want to make the overall process a lot easier, then you should opt for this app. It is easy to use and can be downloaded in an instant. Its developers know what they are doing so they make sure that this app can be used by non-technical users. To know more about it, click: Jailbreak Software

Study the steps above before you start rooting your mobile device. This is to make sure that the process will go on smoothly.

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