Jun 12


If you choose to Jailbreak Android 2.1 you will definitely be able to use your mobile phone at its very best. This process, also commonly called rooting, will provide you many benefits that you do not usually enjoy with the default settings of your device.

Here are some of the features that will keep you entertained if you choose to root your device now.

a. Adfree

One annoying thing that occurs when you are browsing the net using your phone is a popup ad. Products that you have no interest with keeps on popping up when visiting certain websites. However, with this app, you can now say goodbye to those irritating popups so you can enjoy browsing the Internet without so much hassle.

b. Superuser

Superuser is a kind of app that will let you attain total control in the way that your device works. For instance, if there’s a process that needs to run it will automatically inform you via a popup wherein you can choose to allow or deny it.

c. ShootMe

Ever wanted to take a screenshot of your work? ShootMe is an app that will let you do this simply by shaking your phone. You can also customize its activator so that it will take a screenshot using a voice command or just by blocking its light sensor using your fingertip.

d. Titanium Backups

Now, you will never have to worry about losing all your valuable data and hard-earned apps. With this system backup app, you can now backup your data, as its name implies. This means that if your device somehow malfunctions, starts to have errors or missing files due to your obsessive tinkering, then you can just restore your data and your phone’s original setting anytime as long as you backed it up.

There Are More

There are more features that you can enjoy once you jailbreak Android 2.1. So why don’t you try it? There is an automated software that can take care of the whole process for you at your convenience.

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Once you jailbreak Android 2.1 you will get to enjoy apps such as AdFree, SuperUser, ShootMe and Titanium Backups. Plus, there are more neat stuff that you can download aside from these.

So start rooting your phone now so you could enjoy these benefits by getting the software at: Jailbreak Android 2.1